Wacky Wizards OP GUI Script

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Wacky Wizards Script

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Name Wacky Wizards OP GUI Script
Category Best Roblox Scripts 2021, New Roblox Scripts 2021, Trending Roblox Scripts 2021
Publisher ETBebo
Type GUI
Updated August 16, 2021
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Roblox Wacky Wizards OP GUI Script

These are the features for the Roblox Wacky Wizards Script:

  • Make Random Potions
  • Use Any Item (Any)
  • Quick Potions
  • Spawn Potions
  • Teleport to Cauldron
  • Reset Player
  • Drain Cauldron
  • Walkspeed
  • Jumppower
  • Infinite Jump
  • Fly
  • Noclip

How To Use Wacky Wizards Script

1. Download the Wacky Wizards Script by clicking the blue “Download” button above.
2. Open “[Wacky Wizards].txt” in Downloads or where you downloaded the current script.
2. Once you opened it, Copy the text inside the file by right clicking and selecting “Copy”.
3. Now open a Roblox Hack and inject it to Roblox. After that you paste the script in your executor hack.
4. At last click the “Execute” button to start the Wacky Wizards Script in Roblox. Enjoy 😊!

About Wacky Wizards Game

Wacky Wizards is a Roblox game. The main feature of the game is using and combining different ingredients in a wizard pot to brew different potions. Potions can be drank, and their effects differ depending on the type and ingredients. The ingredients are mostly stored in the brewing table.

What Is A Roblox Script?

Roblox Scripts is what Roblox players and coders use to build interactive games. To be more specific, players use Lua scripts—a popular scripting and programming language. This script carries the same general features as other common programming languages, like Java. There are definitely differences (which we will cover soon) but, for the most part, Roblox scripts look and function like a standard scripting language.

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How To Download The Roblox Script?

All you have to do is press the download button to recieve the script file.

What do I do with the Script file?

You will recieve a file in text format. Then you open the script file and copy the text inside it. There may also be 2 scripts inside 1 file. In that case only copy the script code you want to. To learn how to use the roblox script read next quetion.

How do I use the Roblox Script?

To use the script you will need a script executor installed on your pc. To find a script executor for roblox, visit our website: Click Here. If you need to download the script executor follow the instructions on that website. But once you got the script executor ready. Copy your script. And then paste the script code in execution area of the exploit.